Dr. Denisha Hendricks

ZOL Director

Learning is indeed a lifelong process. Since 1920 our sisterhood has continued to evolve and refine its structure, functions, and processes to reflect this concept. Zeta Organizational Leadership was the vision of our 22nd International Grand Basileus, Barbara C. Moore. One of her goals was to develop and conduct a leadership training program for our sorority leaders.


Triumphant Past Grand Moore stated in 2003, “There is a need to build leadership skills at all levels of the sorority – skills that are applicable to members’ personal and professional development”. These words remain true today as our ZOL program has grown exponentially. ZOL was designed to make our leaders as effective and efficient as humanly possible.


I invite each of you to review, participate and complete all ZOL programs applicable to your personal and professional leadership journey. Whether it is Certification, Zeta Professional Leadership Institute, or any of the others, you will surely continue to build your leadership skills. Perhaps you may want to assist another soror with achieving her leadership goals, it is all needed and facilitates the leadership transformation of our sisterhood. My sisters, I ask that you take a chance on you, invest in yourself, and invest in your fellow sister and in doing so you will surely invest in the future of Zeta.

" Leadership is fundamental to success in all areas of our lives, and the current world stage supports our belief that real leaders are needed more in difficult times.”

— Barbara C. Moore,
22nd International Grand Basileus

What is ZOL?

The Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) program is a future-focused, nationally structured intensified leadership training program that serves as the blueprint for the Sorority’s leadership development and enhancement efforts. It was designed to ensure a future talent pool of leadership for Zeta on the national level of our Sorority by delivering consistent, high quality training. It was developed by a think tank of talented Sorors from diverse backgrounds who are experts in their respective fields and are serving and have served at the highest levels within Zeta and other organizations. The overarching goal of the ZOL program is to provide Zetas with the essential knowledge and skills to be exceptional leaders within and as a natural result, outside of Zeta. It is primarily focused on training Zetas who are currently in leadership positions and who want to become more effective leaders.


  • Sorors aspiring to be international elected officers
  • Sorors interested in being appointed regional and/or state directors
  • Sorors aspiring to be more effective leaders
  • Local chapter officers (graduate and undergraduate)
  • Elected regional and state officers
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