Objectives of ZOL Training


  • To develop and conduct comprehensive leadership training experiences for current and aspiring leaders interested in developing, building, and/or enhancing their leadership skills.
  • To expose current and aspiring leaders to the leadership “tools of the trade” and the behavior modifications necessary to become effective leaders at all levels of the Sorority, within affiliate organizations, in their communities, and their religious and professional organizations.
  • To structure components and criteria for the implementation of a comprehensive leadership certification program.
  • To monitor, assess, and evaluate the ZOL Program in an organized man


  • To apply Bloom’s Taxonomy to self-awareness and introspection through a leadership profile.
  • To analyze and synthesize effective leadership qualities of a well-balanced leader.
  • To discuss structure (how the sorority is organized), function (roles and responsibilities that support the structure), and process (how the sorority operates).
  • To demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to apply organizational efficiency through a variety of activities.


Certification is the major component of the Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) Program. This training is designed to prepare sorors for elected and appointed offices at all levels of the sorority. However, sorors who desire to improve their leadership skills are encouraged to register. Sorors will complete a nationally recognized leadership assessment and receive instruction from a national trainer on how to interpret and build on the results.


ZOL certification training will be conducted in the following five phases: Phase I: Leadership Assessment; Phase II: Book Review; Phase III: On-site training; Phase IV: Leadership Portfolio; Phase V: Webinars. All phases must be satisfactorily completed within the specified time frames to receive certification.

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