Campus Greek Life Professionals

Our sorority was founded by five collegiate women. It is in the spirit of those five women that we continue to support and nourish our undergraduate membership.


As the directors of undergraduate affairs, we recognize that undergraduates are and have always been the backbone of our illustrious organization. Our mission is to provide undergrad advisors and campus officials with timely communication, relevant pieces of training and the tools needed to successfully advise, mentor and coach collegiate members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated.


To support thriving undergraduate membership, we offer comprehensive undergraduate advisor training. In the certification training, we lay the foundation for our graduate members to provide informed, targeted and empathetic advisement to undergraduates navigating Zeta and degree completion. We encourage all members to take refresher training every four years. The refresher training can be recertification or participation in an advisor workshop hosted by National or Regional Coordinators / Directors.


Campus Officials can learn more about the sorority through our website under the policies tab and our annual fall training conducted in partnership with our International First Anti-Basileus, International Director of Risk Management, Atlantic Regional Director and Legal Counsel.


Sponsoring Graduate chapter Reminders:

  • Complete a sponsorship profile form every Fall (sent via email)
  • Schedule an annual meeting with campus professional

Help to develop a transition plan for graduating sorors

Soror Julie Agosto-King

Pacific Region
Kappa Psi Zeta Chapter

Soror Michelle Guobadia

Eastern Region
Delta Zeta chapter
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