History of Zeta Organizational Leadership

The Zeta Organizational Leadership Certification program is a vision of Past International Grand Basileus Barbara Moore. In 2002, she gathered a think tank of talented sorors from diverse leadership backgrounds to translate her vision into reality. The program was designed to ensure that Zeta would always have a pool of leaders on the national level of our Sorority by providing organized, continuous, and consistent scheduled high-quality leadership training.


The focus is to provide organized content through a variety of methods in the field of leadership and Sorority operations.


The leadership certification program was introduced to the Sorority in July 2003. The goal was to empower women to become effective leaders in all aspects of their lives and to enable ordinary leaders to become extraordinary leaders by practicing specific behaviors that would improve leadership performance.


In 2004, amendments to the Sorority’s by-laws were adopted and made the requirement for all candidates for national elected positions and appointed state and regional directors to complete certification from the Zeta Organizational Leadership Certification Training Program prior to being elected or appointed. 


In 2005, the first official ZOL certification conference was conducted.


The program has been expanded and is now the blueprint for the Sorority’s leadership and enhancement efforts. It is conducted every other year in July in the odd years.

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