Soror Tara A. Lockett

National Director of Reclamation

If you are reading this, you are possibly a Soror who is the reclamation chair for your chapter; you may be seeking information because you desire to assist another soror’s homecoming; or you may be a Soror who is contemplating coming home to Zeta! To all of you, we say welcome!

We celebrated our centennial on January 16, 2020. What an honor to be a part of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., our illustrious organization, during this time! Thanks to Grand Val, we had a special initiative, a reduced fee, and a team that worked nonstop contacting thousands of Sorors who reached out wanting to come home to Zeta! Our theme at that time, “Life takes you many places, but Love will bring you home to Zeta’, embodies what we felt in our hearts as over 3800 of our Sorors returned home! 

The good news: it’s not over!! Our 2020 – 2021 theme is ‘Reclamation: The Finer Dream Continues….’
Sorors, life happens, and even if you were not able to come home for Centennial, our hearts are always open to receive our Sisters back home! If you require need assistance in the reclamation process, please feel free to email us at Sorors, once a Zeta, always a Zeta. Welcome Home!

Reclamation Steps:

  • Locate and/or contact a chapter in your area.
  • The chapter will provide the link to the Reclamation portal where you may submit your information for verification and approval. Please be sure you have identified the chapter in which you wish to reclaim.
  • Once you have received approval from International Headquarters, you will be provided a link to pay international, regional, and state (if applicable) dues in the Member Services Portal.
  • Pay local dues to your chapter of reclamation.

Once all dues have been remitted on the local, state (if applicable), regional, and international levels, you will be fully reclaimed and active!
Should you need assistance with locating a chapter in your area, or have any additional questions regarding the Reclamation process, please contact the International Reclamation Committee at

Soror JeNeika Smith-Boone

National Co-Director of Reclamation

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