Social Action

Nicole A. Butler

International Director of Social Action

“No voice is too soft when that voice speaks for others.”

  • Janna Cachola, New Zealand-based actress, singer, model, and activist

Greetings from International Director of Social Action!

Since the days at Howard University, Zeta has dared to be different. The Founders believed in improving the human condition and making our lives such that we are examples to follow. In doing this, we are community-conscious and action-oriented.



Under the Get Engaged program, in the last six years, we have impacted over 100,000 people with programs such as Get Out the Vote, police relations, domestic violence forums, and many more. Our sisterhood has answered the call of their communities and have committed to being on the front lines of eradicating injustices of those we serve. Into our next century, Zeta is positioned to up the ante when it comes to Get Engaged. We are growing our partnerships to further our service. We are collaborating with public figures to amplify our

messages and have committed to support our members who seek to work in politics. All of these things are what Get Engaged is about. We will continue to provide resources and support those who are working to improve the human condition. 


We ask everyone to partner with Zeta to increase our impact in the community. Whether it is joining a commission, running for local office, or creating spaces for dialogue, let us do it together.


The International Social Action team will ensure that:

  • Members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. are educated on current events and issues that affect our communities.
  • Chapters serve as advocates for our communities.
  • Promotes our partnerships that will elevate the sisterhood in political arenas; and
  • The Sorority trains and facilitates opportunities for members who aim to pursue higher levels of community and political leadership (within a non-partisan context).


Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. will be the preeminent organization for community-­‐conscious, action-­‐oriented minority women leaders who seek to make an impact on their communities through leadership, direct action, advocacy, and key relationships with community leaders.

International Social Action Team

Our Partners & Collaborators

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