Embellishment and Mentorship

Greetings from the Zeta Embellishment Team

We work with our sorors across the sisterhood to make sure they have the most engaging and up-to-date information relating to their growth and development as a Zeta. We are committed to ensuring that members are provided with educational materials that complement the various learning modules that have been created for and accessible to the sisterhood. Based on our charge from our International Centennial President, the Embellishment Team’s tasks include:


  • Collaborating with the office of the National 1st Vice President on educational initiatives
  • Developing a multifaceted approach to the delivery and sharing of Zeta history
  • Supporting a deeper understanding of the policies and procedures of our organization

Our major initiative is the Zeta Pearls of Wisdom Master Class Series. This project focuses on using videos and interviews to document our history and curate our stories to share with future generations of Zetas.

We are grateful for and look forward to new opportunities to grow in Zeta and learn more about who we are…where we come from…and where we are going!

Email: zetaembellishmentdir@gmail.com

Embellishment Team

Kristian (Krissie) Harris

Dr. Angelyn M. Anderson

Norayi’ Mace

Michelle Mack-Williams

Lulu Orange

Dr. Felisha Parsons


The Mission of the Embellishment team is to create a robust learning experience that keeps sorors in the know about Zeta.


To provide the enhancement of the Zeta experience through continued educational opportunities and resources.

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