Autism Awareness Education

Lynea Laws, Ph.D.

International Autism Co-Director

The purpose of the autism initiative is to provide education, information, and resources about Autism Spectrum-Disorder (ASD). Children of color tend to be less often and later diagnosed. Being diagnosed at a later age suggests barriers such as socioeconomic concerns, knowledge deficits about the disorder, and undetected developmental milestones delays. Unfortunately, these barriers lead to deferred access to evaluations, diagnosis, and services. Receiving an ASD diagnosis early aids in establishing a solid foundation for supports and services to lend itself towards a quality life.

The advocacy work of ASD also serves to assist the mind shift from awareness to acceptance. It is often viewed as being easy to bring about awareness; acceptance requires actual work; derives from a place of understanding; and seeks to meet individuals on the spectrum where they are or close to equitably. The members of Zeta are doing the actual work; understand the impact; and do our best to provide services for our community stakeholders.


To be the premier organization that provides noteworthy contributions in education, research, and funding for persons of color who are impacted by the autism spectrum disorder.


To improve the lives of people of color affected by Autism Spectrum-Disorder (ASD) by championing autism awareness, increasing education, advocacy, and funding.

The autism resource guide is here and ready for you to review and share with your communities! The guide serves to provide current information on support and mental health services, camps, respite care, and funding. The information covers the continental 48 states and The Bahamas. It is not an all-inclusive guide due to their being a plethora of resources in some states and very limited in others. The resource guide is meant to serve as a living document. This will allow for on-going updates and aid in maintaining a current resource guide.

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