Transition Your Talents

Felicia Scott Strickland

Director Transition Your Talents

Greetings from National Director of Transition Your Talents

We are proud of the knowledge that the first chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated was chartered by five undergraduates on the campus of Howard University. We are also proud that our Founding Pearls transitioned and further chartered graduate chapters that now include chapters and sorors around the world. We have awesome processes in place that focus on recruiting members and membership induction.


The focal point for the Transition Your Talents will be the next step…to re-engage! We want to build on what our Founding Pearls did after they graduated: immediately transitioning into graduate membership. They had a focus on growing in their professional lives, as well as developing the sorority and sharing their love of service and sisterhood with others.

Our International Centennial President wants us to ensure that the transitioning step is smooth and welcoming. She started the work on this project while in the position of National First Anti-Basileus by gathering thoughts from undergraduate sorors throughout the sisterhood. After the national team was commissioned, sorors who recently finished with school and are no longer on campus were surveyed to get an understanding why they transitioned or why they did not transition within their first few years out of school. Lastly, information was gathered from our national and regional undergraduate and graduate leadership throughout the sisterhood to ensure their priorities are included.

The Transition Your Talent Team will be sharing best practices to help graduate chapters prepare for, attract, invite, welcome and re-engage transitioning sorors into your graduate chapters. Documents will be uploaded to the resources section and training scheduled with rollout after which opportunities will be available for chapters to share success stories.


The mission of the Transition Your Talents initiative is to support Zetas as they navigate the process of transitioning in four areas: 1. Within the sisterhood 2. Academically 3. Professionally 4. Through Womanhood We will help Zetas successfully navigate from where they are to where they want to be. Succeeding in these core areas will strengthen them as sorors and strengthen the sisterhood.


We see as is terhood that effectively and seamlessly transitions and retains sorors.

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