Who’s Got Your Back?

Did you know the back is the most common location for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer? This infographic explains why it’s so important to find someone who “has your back” when it comes to skin cancer prevention and detection. Visit the American Academy of Dermatology to learn more – http://ow.ly/N8io0



Cancer Screening and Early Detection of Cancer Tips from American Cancer Society

Cancer screening is recommended for those people at average risk for cancer, even if they have no symptoms. People who are at higher risk for certain cancers may need to follow a different screening schedule, such as starting at an earlier age, getting special tests, or being screened more often. Those with symptoms that could be due to cancer should see their health care provider right away. Learn more about screenings and early detection.



Blue Beyou Heart Captain, Michelle Joachim Rockin N’ Rollin a Healthy Life

2015-rockAlways on the run, Soror Michelle Joachim, Diamond Life Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Alpha Gamma Zeta Chapter of New Orleans, loves the meet the streets head-on. Looking at each mile with great agility, a clear head and the vibes of a conqueror, she has successfully tracked over 3000 miles in Marathon races, training and competition within the last 18 months.

With a well-balanced life, including eating right, being spiritually fed on a daily basis, traveling from city to city, and state to state to compete in nationwide marathon races, and even stopping along the way to show compassion to those in need through her community service projects with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc, Soror Joachim represents everything that’s “FINER” about a Finer Woman. Her competitive time within each race have improved so much that she’s been able to shave off a full 19 minutes from her run time allowing her to be awarded with a faster run pace time. She move up from “Corral Seven” to “Corral Three” group providing her the opportunity to maintain division age group ranking among competitors within her age group. Her commitment, dedication, and “spirit de corp” is refreshing. Its clear that she “RUN THIS TOWN” when it comes to running. Keep up the awesome FINER WOMAN lifestyle, attitude and motivation. It has to catch on!!!!!

Don’t have insurance? No problem!

The Affordable Care Act puts consumers back in charge of their health care. Under the law, a new “Patient’s Bill of Rights” gives the American people the stability and flexibility they need to make informed choices about their health. Learn more about your choices and the opportunities to obtain Affordable Health care for you and your family. Check out http://www.enrollamerica.org/

Have insurance? Great, learn more about how you can educate and empower your family, friends, and neighbors about the Affordable Care Act. Learn more at http://www.enrollamerica.org/

Staying Fresh in the Bleu Bayou

The ladies of the Bleu Bayou have been busy trying their hands at gardening for a healthier and more cost effective way of preparing meals from our very own gardens.  We chose to use the products that are grown in Soror Carol Calvin’s garden to be included in our meals which she grows organically.  Team Bleu Bayou is also busy encouraging our senior Sorors to “GET UP AND MOVE”!  We hang out with those senior Sorors that are willing and able to go on longer walks within the neighborhoods and on the levee area out here in New Orleans, primarily the areas designated as walking/ running trails.  Soror Joachim enjoys running and as such, she is able to participate with the elder Sorors in getting them to walk during the cool parts of the evening for about 30-45 minutes three times each week.  That has been a lot of fun and we have really enjoyed this new attitude towards helping them stay active.  Soror Peterson, our chapter Basileus and a member of the Zetas Have Heart challenge has picked up floor dancing, taking walks around the mall on weekends, and really staying active. Our chapter has made it a priority to ensure we are seen by our medical and dental primary care physicians to ensure that we are all healthy. We continue to work towards enjoying a much longer life. This program established by the sisterhood is extremely awesome. Bleu Bayou continues to grow in unity through their care and concern for long life and good healthy living.

–Blue Beyou Heart Captain

Michelle Joachim


Team Blue Beautiezz

The Ladies of Team Blue Beautiezz, representing Beta Theta Zeta of Norfolk, Virgina have been very active during the month of April and continuing to do so throughout May. On Sunday, April 26, members of Team Blue Beautiezz, Sorors Melissa Mebane, Kaye Pereras, Lorraine Tatum, Michelle McIntosh, Grace Pearson and Tanisha Robertson attended the March of Dimes, March for Babies 5K Walk at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. They had a great time supporting a worthy cause as we get in shape for Zetas Have Hearts. On Wednesday, April 30, Sorors Kaye Pereras, Michelle McIntosh and Tanisha Robertson, attended a Zumba class held at the Philippine Cultural Center of Virginia. The instructor, Justine, was one of the Zumba instructors at their Zumba-thon in January and she got their heart rates up and their bodies moving to a mixture of upbeat dance music as they burned calories.

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“The Blue Gumballs” Making Waves

Thebluegumballs“The Blue Gumballs” of Alpha Omega Zeta Chapter, located in Petersburg, VA, have completed their first 30 days of the “Zetas Have Heart – 90 Day Challenge.” The “Blue Gumballs” completed 140.1 hours (8406 minutes) of activities during the first 30 days. Their activities included: Walking, running, Sky Robics (Trampoline Aerobics), Spin Classes, line dancing, Go Go Fitness, Zumba, and working out at the gym. “The Blue Gumballs” team consists of 12 members:  Sorors Casandra Balthrop, Shakita Blow, Kim Eley, Denesha Faison, Latiya Hardy, Dawn Howard, Tanya Jones, Deborah Lewis, Sharnei Miller, Emma Newberg (Team Captain), LaKesha Peterson, and Judy Scott. The “Blue Gumballs” are determined, excited and motivated to live healthier lives.