Rauchelle JonesI hope you enjoy this program as much as we have enjoyed developing its components. We do an excellent job every year of feeding the hungry, educating the uninformed and inspiring those that are heavy-hearted. I am excited to coordinate a program for you, my sisters. There is no pressure to lose weight. No one will be watching over your shoulder to see if you eat that cupcake. Instead, there will be your chapter sisters and Heart Captains providing support.

Stress, illness and medications can take an unfortunate toll on our bodies. After years of carrying unnecessary weight, physically or mentally, the weight can still come off! With our hands and hearts joined, we will be healthier together. Lifestyle changes are not always easy but when you think of the faces you could never see again; spouses, parents, siblings, grandchildren, thirty minutes a day just does not seem that much.

The most common form of heart disease is coronary artery disease which can lead to a heart attack. Instead of our hearts attacking us, let’s attack our hearts with exercise, healthier food choices, encouragement and lots of love.

Sisterly love,

Rauchelle Jones
National Director of Programs