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Ask the Dietitian Segment: Week 1

Question: In order to decrease the amount of caffeine consumption, is tea better than soda? If so, which type of tea is considered as the best? And, do you recommend a particular brand?

Answer: If you are interested in decreasing the amount of caffeine consumed in your beverages, it is best to consume decaffeinated beverages . Sprite has no caffeine listed as an ingredient. Most of the Colas have some caffeine unless the label indicates otherwise. I have no particular brand of Tea to recommend.

Ask the Dietitian Segment: Week 2

Question: How many snack items would you say is a good number per day. Like Kashi bars, or healthy chip bags? We tend to snack at work vs. eating full meals because of our current office situation.

Answer: A combination of three food items such as 1oz. cheese, 5 crackers and 9-10 grapes can be considered a meal and eaten at the desk. A Kashi bar, Yogurt and a piece of fruit would be another. The healthy chips with a sandwich and beverage can all be eaten while working. I strongly recommend that you try to arrange a few minutes to eat a meal of three items with some variety at least once per day. Or if it is not possible, look at the whole day and consume one item at a time that has been planned as a part of the entire day’s food intake. Eating the same items repeatedly may cause you to miss consuming valuable essential nutrients and consume too many of others.

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