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Chapters we are interested in hearing from you so if you have any membership tips which you would like to share with the sisterhood please email your tips for the 3 r’s to and include your chapter and Region and they will be posted on the website.

“Always remember sharing our tips and best practices with each other will assist in the growth and development of our organization.”

Membership Tips | Week 5

Focus: GROW as a LEADER

  • Fine tune your organizational skills
  • Develop good time management skills
  • Foster open communication
  • Fine tune your listening skills
  • Encourage members to give their opinions on various chapter issues
  • Create helpful ways to be as inclusive as possible with your membership
  • Obtain “buy-in” from your chapter members when presenting proposals
  • Don’t be too afraid or over-confident to utilize surveys to solicit feedback
  • Never take on more than you can handle in your chapter
  • Be transparent when handling the business of the chapter
Membership Tips | Week 4

How to navigate through Zeta as a New Member
The 14 Keys to a successful 1st year in Zeta


Regularly attend your meetings

» Attending your chapter meetings are important because this is where you will begin to acquire your knowledge on the inner workings of a chapter and the organization as a whole. Also attending your meetings will give you a better understanding of your chapter culture as well as to better assimilate you into the group dynamics of the chapter

Get to know the members of your chapter

» Working on standing committees will assist you in familiarizing yourself with members of your chapter

» Take time to go out and socialize with your sorors. It helps to break the ice and you will begin to become acquainted with them on a more informal level

Understand what it means to represent your chapter

» There is a certain responsibility that comes with being a member of a chapter. Image is important but knowledge is a strong factor as well.

» Be aware than when you are out in public while wearing your letters/colors, please conduct yourself in an appropriate manner befitting a Finer Zeta Woman

» Become knowledgeable of the internal workings of your chapter and what your chapter stands for. (Being in the here and now)

» Be prepared when you attend meetings whether you are a delegate on non-voting soror. (know what the hot topics of discussion will be)

» Be engaged and ask questions so that you can acquire a better understanding of what is taking place at the meetings in order to become comfortable with the information you are receiving

Invest in your Zeta wardrobe

» Begin to purchase key pieces to round out your Zeta wardrobe

» Buy quality instead of quantity, your key pieces will last longer which will save you money in the long run

» A well dressed Zeta should have the following basics in her closet, in this way she will always be prepared for any event or ceremony she has to attend:

  • White suit (pants suit and skirt suit) – Daywear
  • Royal Blue suit (pants suit and skit suit) – Daywear
  • Black skirt suit – Daywear
  • White Blouse
  • Royal blue Blouse
  • White shoes
  • Royal blue shoes
  • Royal blue after five dress

Participate in embellishment activities/workgroups

» Familiarize yourself with the governing documents of your new chapter as well as your state, Regional and national documents. (IE: chapter, state, regional and National constitutions & bylaws, Standard operation procedure manual, protocol guidelines, parliamentary procedures, national brand and style guide, etc.)

» Submerge yourself in the embellishment programs and opportunities your chapter organizes. This is an excellent opportunity on your continuing educational journey into gaining additional knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the organization.

Be vocal by asking questions and voice your opinions when necessary

» It is always important to ask questions when you either do not understand or need further clarification on an issue as well as it is important to voice your concerns in order for your members to get a better understanding of who you are and how you think as it relates to various issues your chapter may deal with

» It is very important to try not to feel intimated even when you are faced with strong personalities in your chapter. Know that your opinion is just as important as others by standing up for your convictions if you truly believe that they would be beneficial to the chapter.

Find your niche in Zeta ( self-assessment, temperament profile)

» Use these tools to assist you in finding where your skills and talents would best fit in the organization

Attend at least one (1) conference (state, regional, national) in your first year

» As a new member it is important to be educated not only on the internal workings of your new chapter but also on the external workings of how the organization functions on the state, regional and national levels

Attend at least one professional seminar/conference/workshop outside of Zeta (IE: toastmasters, Grant writing, etc.)

» Always seek opportunities to learn more and or fine tune your existing skills

Document your training

» This will assist you in retaining pertinent information that you acquire as well as being able to refer back to the information when review is needed

» Documentation will enable you to pass on information to the next soror. Paying it forward is one of the best ways of enlightening new members who will come after you who will also need guidance and assistance in navigating through the layers of the organization.

Develop a roadmap of where you see yourself in Zeta in 5 years

» A strategic plan is important as this will assist you in your development path. You should plot a course of where you will begin and where you want to be in 5 years therefore your mentor and others will be able to provide you with constructive feedback on how you can go about reaching your goals

Seek out leadership opportunities in Zeta

» Be on the lookout for opportunities that may come your way or create opportunities in which you can highlight your abilities to show others you have skills which will benefit the organization

Prepare a personal Zeta budget

» Review the calendar of events in order to know what are the estimated expenses you will incur so that funds can be put aside in order for you to fully participate. Remember your financial commitment to the organization is just as important as your service commitment

Begin to Document your Zeta Journey

» Keep a journal of your activities, events, positions, tasks, etc. along the way. This will serve as a historical perspective of where you started and what transpired on the road to where your Zeta career has taken you.

Membership Tips | Week 3

Focus: Chapters

  • Obtain “buy-in from chapter members when presenting proposals
  • Assess the needs of the chapter
  • Develop chapter goals
  • Plan chapter bonding events to facilitate members getting to know each other better outside of the business of Zeta
  • Develop a chapter brand (Know who you are)
  • Discover the chapter dynamics and assess how they affect the overall workings of the chapter
  • Develop the chapter mission and vision
  • Develop short term and long term goals and objectives for the chapter
  • Develop a Chapter Standard Operation Procedural Manual
  • Create chapter position descriptions for committees and committee members
  • Have each officer to document the practices and procedures of their position
  • Develop officer (elected and appointed) transition plans
  • Develop successor (leadership) plans
  • Research how your members will meet the needs of the chapter
  • Assess the skills of your current membership in order to create a successful and productive chapter
  • Plan events that will build connections between younger/newer Sorors and more mature/seasoned Sorors
Membership Tips | Week 1

Focus: Recruitment

  • Produce a Public Relations (PR) chapter brochure/press kit
  • Utilize your local media to publicize your chapter and its events (Public Access TV, local newspapers, local radio, etc.)
  • Ensure that your chapter’s website displays appropriate presentation materials and is always current
  • Whenever possible, invite present and past Regional and/or National officers to speak to prospective members on the topic of “what does it mean to be a part of Zeta”
  • Observe women who are already involved in other organizations, as well as entrepreneurs, business professionals, media professionals, legal professionals, medical professionals, etc. in order to acquire diversity in your chapter
  • Prepare a 2 minute elevator speech on what can be said about the chapter to spark enthusiasm when making introductory presentations to interests
  • It is always important to be finer in your look, manner and attitude because you want to attract interested women who will represent Zeta well and to accomplish this it all starts with you
  • Try to host a diversity of chapter events which will attract women from different walks of life to the organization
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