GET ENGAGED™ Social Action Initiative

Greetings, My Dear Sorors.

GE-july2016We are in a state of emergency in our communities. Increasingly, we are becoming desensitized by the violence that surrounds us in the media and in our daily lives. Sorors, we must not allow this to become our new normal. The violence – on all fronts – must end.

As a community-conscious, action-oriented organization, Zeta cannot and will not wait for someone else to solve our problems. Through our GET ENGAGED™ social action initiative, we will mobilize the communities we serve through education, service and advocacy. I ask that every chapter, undergraduate and graduate chapters alike, take action by doing EACH of the following activities by :

1. Host a criminal justice workshop (“Smart and Safe,” Know Your Rights, Policing Training and Standards, etc.) for the community with your local chapter of the NAACP or NOBLE, other law enforcement or legal organizations. We must open up the dialogue between law enforcement professionals and our communities, and become actively involved in how our communities are policed.
a. Cities with more than one Zeta chapter should collaborate and hold joint workshop for greater impact.
b. State and regional leadership should get creative to drive participation.
c. Involve the local media to spread the word beyond your networks.
2. Host a voter education workshop and registration drive in your community between September 2016 and November 2016* in preparation of Election Day on November 8. Also, participate in the National Voter Registration Day on September 27.
a. On the national level, Zeta is collaborating with the NAACP and the NPHC Social Action Task Force to extend our impact. Please extend this on the local, state and regional levels when possible, utilizing tool kits and other educational material provided by the NAACP.
b. Local chapters are encouraged to contact their Secretary of State Office or whoever is responsible for voter registration to obtain specific details on voter registration and voting requirements for your state.*
c. Social media graphics will be provided for participation in National Voter Registration Day.
3. Invite non-financial members (reclamation!) to join chapter efforts, as well as undergraduate members and your Amicae and Youth auxiliaries. Change will take a village.
4. Promote your activity in social media using #ZetasGetEngaged #OurLivesMatter (images and messages should be inclusive of law enforcement officers) #Vote2016. Follow our social media pages:

While we typically take the summer off to regroup and re-energize, our communities cannot wait. They need our collective power now. Please act with urgency and create your plan of action now so that you are able to host your criminal justice, voter education and registration activity as soon as the new sorority year begins.

Please use the documents that our National GET ENGAGED™ Team has provided:

Additional information from the NAACP and NPHC Social Action Task Force, as well as other organizations, will be provided as received. Also note that GET ENGAGED™ webinars will be scheduled in the upcoming weeks for those who were unable to attend the Boulé workshops. Be sure to check upcoming Dove Notes for more information.

If there was ever a time to take action, it is today. Thank you for your continued support of Zeta and the communities that we serve.

Sisterly Yours,
Dr. Mary Breaux Wright
International Grand Basileus
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

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