Certified Licensed Vendors

Licensed Vendors as of 5-21-2020

1104 Designs LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
2 Doves Designz06/30/20 websiteLearfield
4imprint06/30/20 websiteLearfield
A Finer Zeta12/31/20 websiteLearfield
All That and Sum06/30/20n/aLearfield
Afrique Nana06/30/20 websiteLearfield
A Finer Zeta12/31/20 websiteLearfield
A Refined & Classy Lady, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Accents by Allen06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Agape Beads02/17/20 websiteStandard
All Sewn Up06/12/20 websiteStandard
All Thingz Zeta12/31/20n/aLearfield
Anthony Michaels Brand, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Arm Candy by Gina02/12/20 websiteStandard
Ascend Designz06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Award Concepts, Inc06/30/20 websiteLearfield/Wholesaler
Ayana G Designs06/30/20 websiteLearfield
BIG BOY HEADGEAR, INC06/30/20 websiteLearfield/Wholesaler
BOBD Designer Goods, LLC.06/30/20 websiteLearfield
BRIAN COMPTON06/30/20 n/aLearfield
Buffalo Dallas Merchandise & Apparel06/14/20 websiteWholesaler
Cerese D Jewelry11/26/20 websiteStandard
Chic Greek Belt & Bags06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Cicely’s Jazzy Art06/30/20 websiteLearfield
CL&DConsulting (Wealthy Belief)06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Clotho Productions, LLC10/31/20 websiteStandard
Creative Expressions03/19/20 websiteStandard
Custom Fitz, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Dazzling Promotions, LLC03/15/20 websiteStandard
Define Me Greek, LLC11/26/20 websiteStandard
Direct Wholesale Outlet06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Diva Starr06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Divine Creations Clothing Co.06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Elegance by Darshi06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Elite Collection12/31/20 websiteLearfield
Embroid With Us Inc (Greek Nation)06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Esmies Closet Inc.06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Express Design Group, Inc. (Greek Gear)06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Exquisite Designs, LLC06/30/20 EmailLearfield
Fashionably Greek LLC02/07/21 websiteStandard
Femi Cosmetics (Finer 2020)06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Finer 36506/30/20 websiteLearfield
Finer Bling LLC02/12/21 websiteStandard
Finer Dezigns06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Forever Finer Designs06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Four Twigs LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Glitz & Glam Jewelry by LJ div of Infinity Consult06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Gorgeous Jewels – A42819220706/12/20 websiteStandard
Gratia International, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Gray’s Active Wear Printing06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Grays Bookstore/Direct Wholesale Outlet06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Greek Apparel and More06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Greek By Helen/Helen Daniels06/30/20 websiteStandard
Greek Love Boutique06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Greek Sneakz06/30/20n/aLearfield
Hamilton Creative Designs06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Harrison’s Paraphernalia06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Herff Jones06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Heritage Treasures06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Holley-Fonville Greek06/30/20 emailLearfield
I Dream in Gold LLC (Greektoure)06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Ikhile Tech06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Imani Girl Boutique LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Infinity Greek LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
It’s All Greek Plus06/29/20n/aStandard
J Woolard Ethic Accessories, LLC06/30/20n/aLearfield
JLJ Concierge Services12/31/20 websiteLearfield
Joneswear, Inc06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Junene’s Blues06/30/20n/aLearfield
Keep Your Hair Headgear, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Kendalls Greek06/30/20 websiteLearfield
KO’s Blue Store12/03/20n/aStandard
LaVerne’s Fashion & Gifts06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Linderal Design Company06/30/20 websiteStandard
Love Me Greek, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Marilyn McCluskey & Associates06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Nana Hook10/31/20 websiteStandard
Native Goddess06/30/20 websiteLearfield
No Limits, No Boundaries06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Official Para Connect06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Oinacan, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Only For The Initiated,LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Ooh Soo Crafty06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Para Frat Designs02/12/21n/aStandard
Pearl Konnections Corporation06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Pearled Out Para, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Pegasus Promotional Products06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Phoenix Paraphernalia01/21/21n/aStandard
Pledge Stone06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Positive Stationery & Gifts, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Pretty Posh02/14/21 FacebookStandard
Rainbow Promotions12/20/20Standard
Rare Case LLC (Distinctive Specialties)06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Rare Edition, LLC04/06/20n/aStandard
Reflections By Zana06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Renee Marie02/27/21 websiteStandard
RG Apparel CO.06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Rosa’s Greek Boutique, Inc.11/26/20 websiteStandard
Royal Work – TX dba www.DivineGiftAccessoories.com06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Royale Consultant Group LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Sacred Heart Collections06/30/20n/aLearfield
Sacred Heart Collections06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Sassy’s Gifts06/30/20 websiteStandard
Savage Promotions, Inc.06/30/20 websiteLearfield
SBR Enterprises06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Scotty Gear Retail Corporation dba Desert Cactus06/30/20 n/aLearfield
Shirtz R Us06/30/20 emailLearfield
Silver Spoon Accessories & More, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
SisterBlu06/30/20 websiteLearfield
SKOOZZZ LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Something Greek06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Sororitique, Inc.10/31/20 websiteStandard
Sorority Intimates & Clothing Company06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Splatacular Designs & Crafts06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Stuart Consulting Group, Inc.06/30/20 websiteLearfield
The Cherry Stitch, LLC02/12/21 websiteStandard
The Couture Soror02/14/20 websiteStandard
The Exclusive Touch, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
The Finer Things 1920, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
The Greek Spot, LLC11/26/20 websiteStandard
The Greek Store and More, LLC06/30/20 websiteStandard
The LIQ NY dba The LIQtees06/30/20 websiteLearfield
The World of Greekdom06/12/20n/aStandard
Thea Create´Z06/30/20 websiteLeafield
TLC Adcentives, LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Trinity Designs, Inc.06/30/20 websiteLearfield
True Blu Designs, LLC.06/30/20 websiteLearfield
T-SHIRTS & MOORE06/30/20 emailLearfield
V V Designs for Asante Kente06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Varsity Apparel06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Virtuous Woman Total and Complete LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
WGreek Fashion Apparel LLC.02/15/21 websiteStandard
Winters Industries LLC06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Xeny Odame06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Xpress Yourself Sportswear06/30/20 websiteLearfield
Your Mind Is Beautiful02/24/20 websiteStandard
Zoetic Couture01/27/21 websiteStandard
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