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We are pleased to bring you International Membership Month, 2016, an initiative inaugurated in 2015, as National Membership Month. This year, it has been re-named to accurately reflect the international reach of our overseas chapters. Created and Promoted through the office of the National First Anti-Basileus, Soror Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker, it will be observed from October 3rd through October 31, 2016, and is designed to strengthen and promote our sisterhood.

This year, we will again highlight chapters for their best practices in Retention and Reclamation. In the interest of growing and mentoring our undergraduate sorors, we’ve added Transitioning. We would like to encourage and facilitate our undergraduate members’ transition of their talents to the graduate chapters, upon graduation. We need their talents, and it is our responsibility to mentor and groom them for continuing leadership.

Specially designed clinics on Advanced Marketing and Public Relations Techniques and Transitioning Your Talents, will provide strategies to promote and market chapters and their accomplishments, as well as to assist and encourage our undergraduate sorors to transition their valuable talents into the graduate chapter, respectively.

Informative dialogue and well-deserved recognitions, will ignite and inspire us to do even more in our local chapters. We want to rekindle your “Fire for Zeta” as we remind the sisterhood that “You Matter, Because Membership is Key” to continued greatness.

Criteria for Chapter Recognition

In an effort to maintain and grow our organization, it is essential that we develop best practices for retaining, reclaiming, and transitioning our members. During International Membership Month, chapters will be highlighted for their creative and effective ways of promoting retention of their members and their key initiatives for reclaiming those members who have successfully returned to the fold, as well as those who are transitioning into graduate chapters.

The recognition of these activities will promote chapter pride, and will also inspire other chapters to develop similar or utilize some of the activities for which chapters are being recognized. It is hoped that the zeal for Zeta will be recaptured and/or enhanced in such a manner as to retain, reclaim, and transition members to our sisterhood.

Chapters should submit their applications via email to the following address: FIRE4ZETA@GMAIL.COM

Deadline for Submissions: October 7, 2016

Thank you in advance for your participation in International Membership Month.


Valerie M.C. Hollingsworth-Baker
National First Anti-Basileus
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

International Membership Month Schedule
October 3 – October 31, 2016

Monday, October 3rd:
Membership Clinic: Selling Our Services: Sharing the Work of Zeta with the World
Moderator: Soror Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker
Presenter: Soror Kendra Hatcher King and our International Grand Basileus, Mary Breaux Wright who will officially kick off the month with an inspirational message.

Time: 8:30PM EST/7:30PM CST
Please use the link below to sign in on October 3rd

Advocacy and services is simply what we do as Zetas. Not for the publicity, but to make a difference in the lives of those who need us most.

However, for the most impact, sometimes we must beat our chests a bit and spread our good works with the world. This will allow us to attract like-minded women to our organization, as well as, sponsors and partners.

This clinic is geared for our participants to learn how to promote our national and chapter programs on the local level. Soror Kendra Hatcher King along with members of our National Marketing Team will be on hand to answer your questions/concerns related to social media, public relations and traditional media.

Monday, October 17th:
Membership Clinic: “Transition! Why Zeta Needs U(undergraduates)”
Moderator: Dr. Cheryl Burton
Presenter: Soror Leigh-Ann Williams, National 3rd Anti-Basileus

Time: 9:00PM EST/8:00PM CST
Please use the link below to sign in on October 17th

This clinic will focus on encouraging undergraduates to transition. It will feature a presentation with an emphasis on the benefits of transitioning into a graduate chapter, tips on financial preparedness, acclimating to the graduate chapter life, and the role of the graduate chapter for transitioning sorors. The workshop will be culminated with a panel style discussion by undergraduate and graduate chapter members.

Zeta Spotlight Week- October 24th-28th features “Zeta Spotlights” on chapters who submitted applications showcasing their successful approaches to retention, reclamation and/or transition processes. These best practices will be shared and the Chapters will be highlighted in our “Gallery of Honor” on the National Website as well as on our National Social Media outlets.

“Friday Facts” – October 8th & October 22nd will feature our returning “Zeta Times Crossword Puzzles”, which will be created to test your knowledge about facts, based on material presented in clinics and other important information.

IMM Think Tank Project Managers: Dr. Cheryl A. Burton and Rev. Dr. Jalene Chase-Sands
IMM Think Tank Members: Sorors Kendra Hatcher-King, Beverly S. Tatham and Jacqueline Waiters

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