“Breaking the Chain” in the State of Florida

On the weekend of September 30-October 1 the State of Florida hosted the Undergraduate/Advisors Summit & Basilei Retreat at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. The theme for the weekend was “Breaking the Chains of Hazing in Florida.” The Florida State Director, Karen Blount, and the rest of the Florida Leadership team also provided an opportunity for Sorors to be MIP or Undergraduate Advisor Certified.

During the second workday, Sorors were provided with presentations that gave insight into the sorority and legal consequences of hazing. A “Finer Women Don’t Haze” presentation was conducted by the National Director of Anti-Hazing FWDH Initiative, Soror Scarlet H. Black. Additionally, an undergraduate Soror shared her personal narrative about her recent intake process. Her story will be featured at the Southeastern Regional Conference in November. Undergraduate advisors, undergraduates, and Chapter Basilei/leadership had several workshops after the morning presentations, including topics on conflict management, Z-HOPE and chapter relations.

With nearly 300 Sorors in attendance, the State of Florida has prepared its local chapters for a successful sorority year.

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