FWDH Oklahoma Webinar

FWDH Oklahoma 2015 WebinarOn December 2, 2015, the Outstanding Oklahoma Sorors recommitted themselves to the sorority’s stance regarding the Finer Women Don’t Haze campaign. The National Finer Women Don’t Haze Coordinator, Soror Scarlet Black, led an informative and educational webinar for all members within the state of Oklahoma.

Ever since the campaign launched in 2012, Oklahoma State Director, Soror Artisha Woody, and the Oklahoma Zetas have embraced it and done their due diligence by educating themselves and helping to spread the word at any given moment. Zetas in Oklahoma understand and acknowledge the harm and affect that hazing can have on individuals and on the organization as a whole. They will continue to strive to exhibit the highest ideals of Finer Womanhood through leading by example.

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